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  • Question:  Can it hold a 15 inch Macbook?
  • Answer:  Yes, this backpack fits up to 16 inch laptop, so it can hold a 15 inch Macbook easily. 

  • Question:  Does it fit a Nalgene water bottle on the side water bottle pocket?
  • Answer:  It fits a water bottle, as well as "Nalgene"

  • Question:  Is the USB port waterproof?
  • Answer:  Hi, the USB port is waterproof, but if you want to wash this backpack, we'd recommend you to take the removable USB port off in case any damages.

  • Question:  Is it machine washable?
  • Answer:  Hi, we do not recommend using washing machine to wash this backpack, which may have negative impact on the decompression effect of the back panel as well as the USB charging port. Hand washing is OK and we suggest you remove the USB cable before wash it.

  • Question:  Does it come with a battery bank?
  • Answer:  No, it doesn't come with a battery bank. You can connect the internal USB port with your laptop or battery bank, then you can charge your devices on the go.

  • Question:  How do you use the USB charging port? Can I use it to connect to my laptop?
  • Answer:  You can use the USB charging port as an extension. It only takes 3 steps to get your devices charged.
1. Take out the removable USB cable from the internal zipped pocket on the left side.
2. Insert it to your power bank or laptop.
3. Connect your devices to the USB charging port on the outside. Then you are ready to go!
And yes, you can connect it to your laptop. 

  • Question:  Can I use this laptop backpack as a college book-bag or high school bag?
  • Answer:  It can not only be used as a student backpack but also suitable for traveling backpack. durable good quality.

  • Question:  Will it fit under the seat in an airplane?
  • Answer:  Yes, it can. Of course, if you stuff it way too much...it will be little difficult.

  • Question:  Is the backpack suitable for people of all ages?
  • Answer:  Yes, this backpack is good for people of all ages, as someone in middle school, and high school, as well as it does for college. And perfect for college school, business, trips, hiking, camping, office work, and everyday using.